Len Schweitzer

          Len Schweitzer is a lyrical fiction writer living in the piney woods of North Florida near Chaires. He enjoys books and movies from the library. Subjects include occultism, shamanism, history, earth and space sciences. He is concluding a novel, Calibanseed,—connected character-driven stories placed in Miami, New York, the Caribbean, and Vancouver.

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Snuff Movie A One-Act Play

Paul Czarda drinks whiskey in order to write, and write he must. Driven by his imagination, he has left the world of others. Then the world comes knocking. A teenaged girl delivers his newspaper and offers him her body. Suddenly the teenaged girl goes missing, and Czarda finds himself stalked by a cinematographer obsessed in filming a snuff movie.This is available available as an e-book only at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/119328, where it is available for iPad, Nook, Kobo, Kindle, and most other e-book reading devices. It is also available from most of the other major on-line e-book retailers.
Price: $2.99.

Bees in the Grass: A collecion of Poems

With a style somewhere between a hipster and a Japanese landscape painter, poet Len Schweitzer has mastered the poetics of image. In this, his first full-length book of poems, he presents us with such exotic pictures as a “fedora glazed with paris rain” and a “dead man’s skull rattling with silver coins.” He invites us to recall the scent of frangipani, the taste of mangoes and honey, the caress of a warm Gulf Stream breeze, and a hundred other bottled-up sensations that awaken the senses like an after-dinner tipple, sip by sip, poem by poem.
Price: $14.00 trade paperback.

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